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  • Projects

    Collaborative research project GReGAS consists of 8 projects lead by principal investigators and 8 projects lead by associate partners.

  • Events

    Several events are organized in which members of GReGAS project are involved and provide contributions.

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    Important results of the project will be scientific publications and software.

Mathematics and Art

Meeting “Mathematics and Art” Ljubljana, June 27, 2011
When Jun 27, 2011
from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Where Ljubljana
Attendees Andrej Bauer, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Jürgen Bokowski, TU Darmstadt, Germany
DeWitt Godfrey, Colgate University, NY, USA
Izidor Hafner, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Boris Horvat, Abelium, Slovenia
Edvard Kobal, SZF, Slovenia
Teja Krašek, Free-lance Artist, Slovenia
Boštjan Kuzman, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sébastien Mahler, Finland
Tomaž Pisanski, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Puni, Italy
Martin Ravnikar, Ambient, Slovenia
Pepi Sekulich, AVA, Slovenia
Bogdan Soban, Slovenia
Thomas W. Tucker, Colgate University, NY, USA
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Recently, The Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute, Colgate University approved the grant “Mathematical Methodologies for Art and Design” - for two years to DeWitt Godfrey, Department of Art & Art History, Tom Tucker, Department of Mathematics, Tomaž Pisanski, University of Ljubljana, and Daniel Bosia, Expedition Engineering, U.K. At the occasion of the Bled 11 conference, three out of four recipients of this interdisciplinary grant met in Slovenia in order to work on the project. This event was initially considered as a public presentation of the project but with current participation considerably outgrew its original scope and turned into an interesting event with over a dozen active participants both covering mathematical, artistic and design aspects of the central theme. It is quite interesting that the essence of the meeting remains closely related to the main idea of the project, which explores the interplay between mathematics, art and design and allows approach both from design, artistic and scientific side. The event is perhaps unusual, since it combines exhibition on the one hand with lectures on the other hand. The former being more usual for artists while the latter is in the domain of science. The organizers come from different sides of the spectrum. Each participant brings his or her autonomous viewpoint and contribution to this important issue. The event will be videotaped by A.V.A. and hence thus recorded for posterity.

Tomaž Pisanski, University of Ljubljana, FMF
Pepi Sekulich, A.V.A.

Organized by

  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  • Institute AVA

Sponsored by

  • A grant from The Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute, Colgate University
  • ESF EuroGIGA GReGAS - European Science Foundation, Graphs in Geometry and Algorithms, Geometric representations and symmetries of graphs, maps and other discrete structures and applications in science
  • European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme FP7-ICT-2007-C FET-Open project BISON-