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    Collaborative research project GReGAS consists of 8 projects lead by principal investigators and 8 projects lead by associate partners.

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    Several events are organized in which members of GReGAS project are involved and provide contributions.

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    Important results of the project will be scientific publications and software.

Prof. dr. Pisanski - a member of Academia Europaea

Prof. dr. Pisanski has become a member of Academia Europaea society

Prof dr. Toma┼ż Pisanski, head of the Department of Technology at UP IAM received an honorary invitation for membership in an elite european non-governmental society of academics Academia Europaea in the Information Technology section.

Academia Europaea is an European non-governmental association that works as an academy. Its members are the most prominent scientists and experts from Europe that seek to promote knowledge, education and research.

It was founded in 1988, and today has more than 2000 members, including more than 40 Nobel Laureates. Its members are leading experts from Science and Technology, Biology and Medicine, Mathematics, Literature and Humanities, Social and Cognitive Science, Economy and Law.

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