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Deliverables and/or milestones

One month after the start of the project the kick-off meeting of all PIs and APs in Bled, Slovenia, forming several operating groups that will be responsible for achieving goals and providing deliverables. In summer 2011 a big meeting in Bled Slovenia with minisymposia dedicated to the project themes run by PIs and APs. After three years, several completed MSc an PhDs. After three years a big concluding conference in which the results will be presented to the public.


  1. M1 Kick-off meeting (detailed project work plan, web site)
  2. M2 Bled Conference with dedicated mini symposia (June 2011)
  3. M3 Annual software release and census update (December 2011)
  4. M4 Internal annual research report (March 2012).
  5. M5 Annual software release and census update (December 2012).
  6. M6 Internal annual research report (March 2013).
  7. M7 Organization of a large conference (with GEMS workshop – June 2013)
    – Organization and dissemination of project results
    – Special issue of Ars Mathematica Contemporanea
  8. M8 Annual software release and census update (December 2013)
  9. M9 Final report (March 2014)

Each year milestones include the following deliverables:

  • Pajek update with new algorithms developed.
  • Software release of Magma (GAP or SAGE) specific code libraries.
  • Censuses upgrade on web site(maps, polytopes, symmetric graphs, etc.)
  • Min. 1 scientific paper per each PIs group submitted to a SCI indexed journal.
  • Annual report containing submitted/published papers and analysis of project achievements.