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Description of the overall management of the CRP

From the organizational point of view the Slovenian core has all the necessary strong interconnections and means needed for managing the consortium through a relevant Slovenian PIs or APs managed by PL. Slovak group represents a strong and well organized research core with good connections to Slovenia. The Austrian, German and Turkish groups are internally strongly connected, while Austrian group. Slovenians and Slovaks have several bilateral projects visiting each other several times per year. Hence the groups are already strongly interconnected. Croatian and Belgian group consist of younger but excellent scientists in specialized fields which will bring certain benefits to the project.

Researchers will colaborate on a montly basis, if possible, by using modern ICT techniques (videoconferences, internet). We plan to organize a meeting of representatives of all PIs every year, to ensure proper project management. We plan to collaborate with joint presentations on other conferences and use those events to additionally integrate several parallel research activities into a coherent international research project.

The following approaches will be used in project management:

  1. A wiki has been set up for the project team. I was used for the project proposal. If the project is accepted it will be used for exchange of documents relevant to the CRP allowing hierarchical structure.
  2. Regular electronic meeting (skype, email, wiki) of the steering committee.
  3. Several conferences, where the project team will meet, exchange ideas and evaluate the progress of the CRP.
  4. Constant collaboration via e-mail with project partners.
  5. Reports by PIs and AP at least twice a year about the progress of their IP evaluated by the steering committee.
  6. Annual meetings of steering committee with possible revision of plans and strengthening the weaker parties in the project.