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Dragan Marušič

PhD University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia


Born: 1953, Koper, Slovenia; Citizenship: Slovenian; Spoken languages: Slovenian, Croatian/Serbian, English, Italian, French.


PhD (1981) in Mathematics, University of Reading, Department of Mathematics, Reading, U.K. (Thesis: On vertex symmetric digraphs, under the supervision of Prof. Nash-Williams); B.Sc. (1976) in Technical Mathematics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Academic experience

Professor at University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia (since 2004), Professor at University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia (since 1994), previously Fulbright Scholar, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA (1991 - 1992), Associate Professor at University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia (1989 - 1994), Assistant Professor at University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia (1988 - 1989), Assistant Professor at University of California, Santa Cruz, USA (1985 - 1988), Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota, Duluth, USA (1984 - 1985), Mathematics Teacher at High School, Koper (1983 - 1984), Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Reading (1982 – 1983);  Supervisor or co-supervisor for 6 postdocs, 7 Ph.D. students in Mathematics (5 past, 2 current) plus several Masters and Honours research students.

Research fields

Topics in algebraic graph theory and permutation groups, particularly the symmetry of graphs and the action of finite groups on combinatorial objects.

Professional experience/leadership

Dean of UP FAMNIT (since 2007); Co-ordinator in establishing the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, UP (UP FAMNIT) (2005-2006); Vice Rector for student affairs, University of Ljubljana (1989-1991).

Professional activities

Reviewer for 11 SCI mathematical journals (since 1981); Member of Expert Council for University Education, Republic of Slovenia (since 2005); Editorial Board of the SCI journal Discrete Mathematics (since 2005); One of the two Founding Editors and Editors-in-Chief of the international mathematical journal Ars Mathematica Contemporanea (since 2007); Organiser or Co-Organiser of several International Conferences.

Awards an honours

The Žiga Zois Award, 2002 (highest Slovenian award for scientific achievements); Young Scientist 1982, 1st prize, 6th Congress of Balkan mathematicians, Pitesti, Romania; 2nd Congress of Balkan Mathematicians, 1973, Student 3rd prize, Athens, Greece. From 2010 the member of the committee to select the winners of Žiga Zois prizes and awards, awards for ambassadors of science of the Republic of Slovenia and the Puh prizes.

Research grant leader

"Algebra, discrete mathematics, probability and game theory", Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics (IMFM), University of Ljubljana (UL) and University of Primorska (UP), 5 year research programme (since 2009); "Algebra with Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Probability and Experimantal Economy with the Theory of Expectations", IMFM, UL and UP, 5 year research programme (2004 - 2008); "Algebraic Methods in Graph Theory and Finite Geometries", IMFM, UL, 5 year research programme (1999 -2003); 15 research projects, each lasting 3 years, mainly in graph theory and permutation group theory, as well as in application of Mathematics and IT to Medicine and Education (between 1981 and 2007), IMFM, UL and UP.

Published work

Primary author and co-author of over 130 published works; SCI Citations: 98 papers with 795 SCI citations (562 pure citations); average citations: 7.64;  h-index 13 (SICRIS, March 2010).