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Antoaneta Klobučar

Short description of activities

Croatian Individual project Some applications of geometric representations of graphs started on May 1 2011 under the guidance of prof. Klobučar. Main goals of IP were finding applications of graph theory in chemistry, bioinformatics and network analysis, as well as studying different types of domination on regularly structured graphs and several graph products. During the first year of the project the most important results Croatian team has achieved are:

  • Snježana Majstorović got her PhD under the guidance of Antoaneta Klobučar; her PhD thesis was Domination numbers of simple polygonal chains and multiple linear hexagonal chains.
  • Puljić Ivona was employed as a young researcher. She enrolled the doctoral study programme at Faculty of mathematics and physics in Ljubljana and her mentor is Tomaž Pisanski. She is finishing a paper about dominations on graphs.
  • Vukičević Damir and Majstorović Snježana spent two weeks in Canada cooperating with Canadian scientist Gilles Caporossi. Vukičević Damir also spent two weeks in Kragujevac (Serbia) working with prof. Ivan Gutman.
  • The following equipment was purchased for Department of Mathematics in Osijek: one personal desktop computer, one notebook, full equipment for a smaller video conference room.
  • Four papers have been published and one is accepted to be published (they are listed below).
  • Two conferences have been attended by some members (also listed below).

This project strenghten cooperation between universities of Split and Osijek. It also strenghten cooperation between Croatian scientists and scientists in Slovenia and Canada.  However, the main outcome of the project is popularization of discrete mathematics among young researchers and young scientists.

Published papers

  • M. Randić, M. Novič, M. Vračko, D. Vukičević and D. Plavšić,  ?-electron currents in polycyclic conjugated hydrocarbons: coronene and its isomers having five and seven member rings, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 112 (2012) 972-985.
  • D. Vukičević and J. Đurđević, Bond additive modeling 10. Upper and lower bounds of bond incident degree indices of catacondensed fluoranthenes, Chemical Physics Letters, 515 (2011) 186-189.
  • T. Došlić, T. Reti and D. Vukičević, On the vertex degree indices of connected graphs, Chemical Physics Letters, 512 (2011) 283-286.
  • J. Sedlar, D. Vukičević and P. Hanses,  Using size for bounding expressions of graph invariants, Annals of Operations Research, 415-427 (2011) 188.

Submitted papers

  • J. Sedlar, On augmented eccentric connectivity index of graphs and trees, MATCH: Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry.


  • Vukičević Damir, Sedlar Jelena, Rajtmajer Sarah Michele, On ordering alkanes by modified Zagreb indices, Math Chem Comp, Dubrovnik (13.6.-18.6.2011)
  • Majstorović Snježana and Klobučar Antoaneta, K-domination on hexagonal chain cacti, Math Chem Comp, Dubrovnik (13.6.-18.6.2011)
  • Vukičević Damir,  Community detection in complex networks, Bled'11 7th Slovenian International Conference on Graph Theory (19.6.-25.6.2011)