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Elaboration on the expertise, objectives and contributions

Project leader

Tomaž Pisanski, Slovenia. He is considered as a “father” of graph theory in Slovenia and has in his long career significantly contributed in establishing a graph theory research community worldwide, bringing together researchers especially in the fields in intersection of topological graph theory, geometry and algebra.


Principal investigators

Vladimir Batagelj, Slovenia. He is a respected scientist and author of several monographs in the field of large networks analysis, known also as the main creator of the software Pajek, which is very popular in social sciences, also with applications in statistics, data mining and data visualizations.

Turker Biyikoglu, Turkey. He is an expert in nodal domains and use of spectral graph theory in graph representations. Also serves as an integrator between central Europe and Turkey. He is a coauthor of a book on Laplacian eigenvectors in graphs [3].

Sandi Klavžar, Slovenia. PI Sandi Klavžar is an expert scientist and author of two monographs in the field of graph products [12, 13] and recognition of structures related to graph products, metric graph theory. He established a great collaboration with AP Imrich and Austrian school.

Antoaneta Klobučar, Croatia. Is an expert in structural graph theory related to independence numbers and products. There is a traditional on-going cooperation with Croatia in Dubrovnik Math/Chem/Comp conference for more than 15 years, which also serves as integrator conference.

Dragan Marušič, Slovenia. a researcher with worldwide reputation in the fields of graph theory related to permutation groups, particularly the symmetry of graphs and the action of finite groups on combinatorial objects. His experience is needed for aspects of algebraic graph theory and symmetry in structures.

Martin Škoviera, Slovakia. He represents a strong Slovakian research group (together with R. Nedela), which is one of the best groups in algebraic and topological graph theory worldwide. They are specialists in combination of graph theory with maps and configurations. Several results arose from cooperation with Slovenian scientists, especially PI Marušič and PI Pisanski.

Peter F. Stadler, Germany. Is an expert for applications in bioinformatics and mathematical chemistry, especially in the field of combinatorial landscapes and near graph products. Together with PI Leydold and and PI Biyikoglu they wrote a book [3].


Associate partners

Leah Wrenn Berman, USA. Is a junior scientist, academic descendant of Branko Grünbaum, which is chosen as AP due to her expertise in configurations, especially highly symmetric ones. She is author of some incredible constructions for geometric configurations.

Marston D.E. Conder, New Zealand. He is a top class scientist in group theory and expert in computational algebra (Magma). He possesses a deep knowledge of groups, polytopes, maps, graphs and programming. He is open minded scientist, combines serious group theory with geometry, topology and combinatorics.

Patrick Fowler, UK. Is a mathematical chemists. In the project he is important for connections and applications of graph representations and other combinatorial structures (like maps, tesselations) in mathematical chemistry and molecular mechanics. He Contributed to the eigenvector drawing methods and is an expert in applications of spectral methods.

Wilfried Imrich, Austria. Is a professor emeritus, an expert in graph products and a key person in Austro-German team good connection with Slovenia and Croatia. He has two books with PI Klavžar [12, 13], also works with PI Leydold and PI Stadler.

Mikhail Klin, Israel. He started his research career in mathematical chemistry, but now works on computational methods in algebraic graph theory and its connection to geometry. Also, he is an expert in strongly regular graphs, association schemes. He has established strong connection with PI Marušič and PI Škoviera.

Dimitri Leemans, Belgium. Is an expert in incidence geometries and abstract polytopes, a member of the Belgian school of discrete geometry and a contributor of certain program libraries in Magma.

Josef Leydold, Austria. Is an expert in the fields of spectral graph theory, cycle structures on graphs, Monte Carlo methods and computational statistics. His speciality needed in the project is in nodal domains. Together with AP Imrich he will contribute to bonding with Germany (PI Stadler) and Turkey (PI Biyikoglu).

Egon Schulte, USA. Is a top world class expert with deep knowledge in abstract polytopes and a key person in abstact polytopes community - his book with P. McMullen is the bible [20]. He has a well developed cooperation with PL Pisanski and Prof. Leemans.