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Sandi Klavžar

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In the field of general theory of isometric embedding we have explicitly determined canonical isometric embedding for Sierpinski graphs. Beside that we have determined upper bounds for Hamming dimension for this 2-parametric family of graphs.  We have also characterized graphs of Sierpinski, which are spanning subgraphs of Hanoi towers graphs. In the field of structure and recognition of large graphs we have studied intensively possibilities of improvements of recognition algorithms for strong product graphs. It seems that we can solve the problem in linear time for several classes of graphs. Beside that we have a hypothesis that we can recognize strong product graphs without triangles in nearly linear time. We have written and preparing three papers from the above stated topics. Beside that we have written a survey article (with newer and shorter proofs of already known theorems) on Fibonacci cubes and related classes of graphs, offering additional insights into Fibonacci dimension of a graph.


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